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The Golden dark ages: Highlights of Bruges

A walk through medieval Bruges, visiting all the highlights that stand testimony to the Golden Ages between the 13th and 15th century, when Bruges was the economical capital of North-Western Europe.

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

From Quiet to Bustling Bruges

This walk takes you to the areas of Bruges most tourists never get to see, but are just as beautiful. At the end of the walk we immerse you in the touristic Golden Triangle, because you do want to see the sights Bruges is world famous for and that gave it the status of World Heritage city.

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

Stairway to Heaven

A walk between almshouses and bath houses, from the pious to the sinners, from the rich to the poor. Discover some of the 45 almshouses that can still be found in the city centre, the oldest dating back to 1330, experience the tranquility of the inner gardens of the almshouses and the peaceful beguinage, and find out why the bath houses all have disappeared from the city centre.

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

Bruges goes Viral

The corona pandemic is just one of the many epidemics that humans faced over the course of history. During this walk through Bruges we look for the traces of past epidemics like the plague, cholera, thypoid or leprosy, and how society lived through these unsettling and deadly periods. Can we learn from the past and what are the similarities and differences in handling the corona crisis today compared to epidemics in the past?

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

Water, fire and beer

Bruges was born on the banks of the river Reie, is often named Venice of the North because of its many canals and its importance as a trading centre and port in the Middle Ages, a time when no less than 54 breweries dotted the centre, and where fire was a daily risk. Water, fire and beer are constant factors throughout the history of Bruges.

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

Bloody Mary

A walk that leads you from Mary of Burgundy, past Michelangelo’s Madonna with child and the more that 300 statues of Our Lady that grace as many houses. Discover the many legends and tales with Mary in the leading role and why Bruges is called the city of Mary or city of Our Lady.

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

The dames of Bruges

A walk on the female side of Bruges, seeing history through the eyes of female characters, from Judith the first ‘First Lady’ of Flandres in 861 to the many women and girls working as lace workers in the 19th century. The story of Bruges is laced with a wide range of colorful characters; housewives, businesswomen, prostitutes, midwives, nuns, beguins, countesses, duchesses, princesses and queens, witches, pharmacists, painters and writers.

Walk of 2 hours: 100 euro

Dive into the wonderful art world of Musea Brugge

Choose a guided tour through one of the three largest museums of Bruges. I bring 500 years of Bruges history from the 15th till the 20th century to life in the Gruuthusemuseum, show you all of my favourite painters and then some in the Groeningemuseum of Fine Arts or tell you the behind the scenes story of the temporary exhibition ‘Face to face with death’ in the Old Saint-Johns hospital and Memling museum.