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From the 13th to the 15th century Bruges was the economical capital of North-Western Europe. Merchants from all over Europe sailed their goods right up to the main square of Bruges. The beautiful belfry left a lasting impression on every visitor and on its markets one could find everything ones heart desired, like our famous Flemish textiles,  furs from the North, silk from the South and spices from the East. What started with a single castle and defensive wall on the Burg in the 9th century, grew over the course of three centuries into a bustling city of 45.000 inhabitants. The city today kept most of its street pattern and outline of the 15th century, and gives its visitor the feeling he can still see, feel and touch the medieval city with its small winding cobble stone streets, its romantic canals, its gothic architecture, its many churches and abbeys, its city palaces and its art that shows you the life as it must have been in what we call the golden dark ages. This walk takes you past all the highlights of Bruges, from the Lake of Love and the Beguinage, to the Saint-Johns hospital and the church of Our Lady to the main square with the Belfry and the Burg with the gothic town hall and basilica of the Holy Blood, and much more. After each turn, before every building, on every street and square we discover the story of the daily life of the hard working crafstmen, the noble elite and ruling counts and dukes in Medieval Bruges.

Generally my tours take two hours walking through the city. The start, end and route of the tour can be customized to your needs and wishes. We can for instance pick you up at your hotel, the train station, your breakfast or lunch place. Each walk can be extented and sites you really do not want to miss can be included. Each walk can be further personalized according to your interest and background knowledge without any extra charge, making each tour a unique and personal experience.

As a local of Bruges I know all the ins and outs of the city. Visiting Bruges should feel like visiting a friends hometown knowing there is someone to answer all your questions, be them historical or practical. I will be more than happy to advise you and to answer any questions you may have about your stay in the city.